Sant’Agnese and Santa Costanza

Ryan Lai & Kitty Leung

SantAgnese’s body was laid to rest on the Via Normentana in the catacomb of Sant Agnese. This is the where the basilica of Sant Agnese was established. In 349 a church was created in her name. Santa Costanza is a church built for Constantine’s daughters Constantina and Helen. Constantina supported the construction of St. Agnes and had her own burial site built next to it. She became Saint Costanza and the church was named after her. Although Constantina was married several times and unlikely to be a virgin, she was considered a nun. This church was built on top of the Sant Agnese fuori le mura. The alter was built directly on top of the saint’s tomb to be as close as possible. The garden outside likely still has the ruins of the first construction.

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